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Behind the Standard

The “Mrs. Sharp”

In The Sharp Standard

Brittany McAlpin Sharp is the Principal Designer and Owner of The Sharp Standard, a wedding and event planning design firm. Armed with a background in public relations, an inherent knowledge for hosting, an extensive history of branding corporate events and a genuine ability to help her clients take their occasion to the next level, she has become one of the South’s most sought after event planners.

Brittany Sharp has an amazing eye for detail and a “larger than life” personality. These two attributes allow her client to trust her fully with a vision that is brought to fruition each and every time. Mrs. Sharp does not simply “plan” events, she dedicates herself to creating memories that will last a lifetime and in doing so, she solidifies lifelong relationships with her clients. It is a standard that guides her in business and in life.

The Sharp Standard has become a Southern favorite and can be seen in publications such as The B Collective and can often be viewed on Fox5 Atlanta for event planning tips, in-home event hosting and unique planning ideas. The Sharp Standard was recently awarded Wedding Planner of the Year by The B Collective. Brittany Sharp has created and exceeded her own standard and looks forward to what The Sharp Standard will accomplish in the future.

Alexis Nord

Our “Ray of Sunshine”

In the chaos of any hectic event day, we can always count on our Alexis to brighten us up! She’s the calm before the storm, during the storm, and even after it, always reminding us to smile:) Her light has been shining bright at The Sharp Standard for a while now. She first begin working with us while living in Birmingham. After moving to Atlanta, we thought that our time working with Alexis may have come to an end. Little did we know that The Sharp Standard would soon have to move their offices to that same city, thus allowing us to reconnect with Alexis. Planning events is something that have always been a part of Alexis’ life. Growing up in Mardi Gras headquarters (Mobile, AL), her family was always looking for a reason to gather together and fellowship, so naturally she was exposed to the idea of planning events at an early age.  A graduate of UAB Alexis not only provides her creative expertise but she also uses her Marketing degree to promote the work that we do. On top of being a creative marketing genius, she does all with a sense of style that is effortless. Many times, we have clients who are also looking for styling services for their event and it’s so nice that we have our own personal stylists on board for both clients and all of us at The Standard!

Tanaye Heard

The “Momma” at The Standard

Every business has that one person who reminds you of your momma! The one who keeps everything in tact and makes sure that we know when we’re wrong (lol). That’s Tanaye. Using her administrative background, Tanaye mixes her down to earth personality with her innate ability to execute/transform each clients’ vision into something far greater than they could have imaged. Like Alexis, Tanaye really is a jack of all trades. Although she holds a masters degree in criminal justice from Jacksonville State University, most of her work history has been in education in the special education and early childhood sector. Using those instructional skills Tanaye is able to craft detailed timelines, layouts, and mood boards that all parties can understand. She’s a team player and she’s always looking for ways that she can make us more cohesive. To “recharge”, Tanaye thrives on spending time with her husband and son, trying out new recipes, and entertaining friends. Speaking of entertaining, having Tanaye on board is like having our own personal comedian around to always make us laugh during tense situations. Tanaye lives by this quote “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life more beautiful for others” – Mandy Hale.